Jack Mcliney - Inspiring Athletes


As an avid sports fan and aspiring athlete, Jack McLiney gets much of his inspiration from watching some of the greatest players in sports history. His favorite sports include basketball and football. Some of his favorite NBA teams include the San Antonio Spurs, the Golden State Warriors, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. His favorite NFL team is the Kansas City Chiefs. Jack McLiney also enjoys watching younger athletes work hard to achieve their dreams in college football through big names such as the Alabama Crimson Tide and the TCU Horned Frogs. Listed below are some of the players in the NBA and NFL that have provided Jack McLiney with great inspiration and admiration: 

Jack McLiney Inspiring AthletesCAM NEWTON

Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton is recognized as one of the most inspirational and entertaining players in the NFL. After scoring a touchdown, Cam is well known for giving away the football to a child in the stands. Cam Newton was drafted first overall in the 2011 NFL Draft. That same year he went on to be 2011 NFL Rookie of the year. Just a few years later in 2016, Cam led his Panthers to the Super Bowl with an admirable 15-1 record in the regular season. 

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan has played with the San Antonio Spurs for his entire NBA career. He is considered one of the greatest power forwards of all time.

Kawhi Leonard

Also playing with the San Antonio Spurs, Kawhi Leonard was named the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player in 2014 as well we the 2015 NBA Defensive Player of the year.

Jack McLiney Inspiring AthletesStephen Curry

As the reigning NBA MVP and current MVP front-runner, Stephen Curry is one of the greatest in the game. During the 2012-13 sesaon, Curry set the NBA record for three-pointers made in the regular season with 272. The following season, he surpassed that record with 286 three-pointers. In the 2015-16 season, Stephen Curry has once again broken the record and continues to push the limits.

Watching greats like Stephen Curry constantly working hard to improve their game, Jack McLiney is motivated and excited to work hard to become the best athlete and individual that he can be.